northern girl living in London. I'm a graduate of Kingston University's BA in Illustration & Animation and now work as an Illustrator. 

I like to illustrate by hand and then use magic from the computer! I also like collage, pattern and making things entirely by hand.

By day I work for Sanrio. Mainly on the Mr. Men Little Miss characters and Gudetama the lazy egg. By night I draw millions of dogs and sassy girls.


the internet, dogs, instagram, everything digital, electronic music, vintage toys, brightly coloured plastic, photoshop marathons, naps, more dogs and night time adventures (maybe with beer. lots of beer).

Updating my blog:


existential crisis, pigeon abuse and people who try and rob me while I'm riding my bike.

Clients include:

Boden, HAZZYS, Nokia,  Oops! My Dog, Lapin & Me, Tigerprint for M&S, Ping Pong International Restaurant, & others.

If you require further examples of my work please get in touch!

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